sexta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2011


...Veja a previsão, mas isso acontece quase todo dia! Não sei bem como isso funciona, ainda sem correlação clara !!!

Earthquake Watch thru February 6th, 2011

Astrotometry of recent solar activity indicates a strong possibility of a major northern hemisphere earthquake in the coming days. The size and features of a recent coronal disturbance are a likely foreshadow of a very strong seismic event. The position of the disturbance may indicate an event centered between 25 and 41 degrees north latitude. A large broad spectrum hole in the corona extending through the extreme ultraviolet bands may indicate a shock over 7.5 in magnitude is possible.

X-ray emissions from sunspot group 11150 could, but are not expected to mitigate the intensity of the event. Solar x-ray activity is expected to remain low.

The exact location of the event is unknown.

Regions in the watch latitude with recent seismic and/or volcanic activity include:

The Mt Etna region in Italy

Southeastern Iran - MAP 4.6 2011/02/06 08:13:12 28.325 56.304 10.0 SOUTHERN IRAN

The Myanmar-China-India border region - MAP 6.4 2011/02/04 13:53:47 24.616 94.740 88.8 MYANMAR-INDIA BORDER REGION
The Islands bordering the upper Philippine plate
Southern and Baja California

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