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ISAG 2011 1st circular

We would like to invite you to the 8th International Symposium on Andean Geodynamics (ISAG), which will be held at Antofagasta, Chile on the 8th-10th November 2011. It will be co-organised by the Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN) and the Institut de Recherche pour le
Développement (IRD).

For the first time since the beginning of this meeting, the 8th ISAG will be held in the Andes. This symposium will provide a new opportunity to present and discuss recent research on Andean geology and its related economical and social issues.

In order to assist planning of the symposium, anyone wishing to attend or contribute to the 8th ISAG should pre-register as soon as possible. Please, send an email message to addresses of the organizers (see below). Further details of the 8th ISAG will be given in the 2nd circular, which will be sent to persons that will have pre-registered.

We invite the persons who receive this circular to distribute this announcement to any colleagues that would be interested to participate in the 8th ISAG.

For any correspondence or enquiry, please, contact us at the following addresses: Pablo Samaniego (pablo.samaniego@ird.fr) and Rodrigo Riquelme (rriquelme@ucn.cl)

We look forward to your participation to the 8th ISAG in November 2011.

On behalf of the organizing committee

Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)
Casilla 18-1209


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