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Global Warming and Earthquakes

All current studies are concerned about environmental changes due to atmosphere changes, which can be immediatelly understood. But Earth's surface is not immediatelly understood to be subject to any change. This is a major mistake, that will lead to some of the biggest catastrophies in this warming process.

De-icing has been studied, and current models are considering that sea level may rise from 1 meter to 30 meters, if taken in account the average 3 kilometer-high ice cover in Antartic continent. What is not being considered, is that the Antartic continent will lose a quite substantial portion of its above sea-level weight. Which means that this continental plaque might flotate up over magma, therefore making all other plates sink proportionally. The consequences will be of unprecedent event. Greenland will also contribute to this scenario in a lower proportion, but will add another degree of Earth's superficial perturbation.

According to the type of joint at all plaques' borders, one might expect earthquakes of high magnitude, volcanic activity – existing, extint, and also new volcanoes – and stronger and more frequent tsunamis. My studies indicated a higher impact on the borders of the Pacific and Nazca Plates, and we may witness several intense events at this plaques' borders. He have already more activity, as testified by Samoa, Fiji and others.

Global Warming has not an impact in the future, IT IS IMPACTING NOW!


Minha opinião: Ainda não possível fazer tal correlação de forma prática, pois a dinâmica da terra é bem complexa e efeito de aumento do nível do oceano é mínimo no esforços tectônicos. Existe trabalhos já buscando essa correlação.

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