sábado, 8 de dezembro de 2007

Totally Absurd Inventions - America's Goofiest Patents!

Earthquake HouseUS
Patent Issued In 1995

Big earthquakes can shake a house apart, possibly causing serious injury to it's occupants. But our forward thinking inventor has a solution, the roll-with-the-punches Earthquake House! His idea is simple, build a round house that has earthquake sensors built into it. If the Richter sensors signal the big one (earthquake that is), the house is automatically released from it's tether lines, it's anchors and it's utility lines, allowing it to freely roll wherever the shakin' sends it. It's like Mother Nature's giant bowling ball. Don't worry, the big biosphere has a self righting inner living structure so you always remain upright, even if you're uptight about your house rolling through the neighborhood. We don't recommend this for a hillside home and we have concerns about your house rolling over your neighbors house or maybe even your neighbors, because there aren't any brakes to stop it!

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