segunda-feira, 31 de maio de 2010

Sapos e terremotos

Fonte: The Post Chronicle
Frogs in Greece earthquake (VIDEO) may have been a warning to residents, who suffered a devastating earthquake just hours after millions of the amphibians closed down a major highway as they ran from their lake.

A carpet of frogs closed a key highway in northern Greece on Wednesday, May 26, as they formed a mass exodus departing a nearby lake in Thessaloniki, reports Yahoo News.

Authorities reportedly closed the highway after three car drivers skidded off the road, although no injuries were reported.

However, just 72 hours later, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck Greece on Sunday, killing at least two people.

It was the first fatal quake in Greece since 1999, when 143 people died and thousands more were left homeless.

Aftershocks have rocked the area, leaving residents frightened and continuing the destruction of homes near the epicenter.

Mass exodus of frogs before an earthquake has been seen in China, and in America, people have reported their pets missing or acting unusual in the days leading up to a major earthquake.

Here is a video report about the mass frog exodus and earthquake.

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